Fully Node-Based Interface

CrowdMaster is heavily oriented towards nodes. This allows for a very powerful and modular way of working. Node tress can be built to create almost any placement and animation of agents that the user can think of.

The system is designed in a way that makes it easy for the user to understand and manipulate. It is based on the principle of procedural animation and generation.

Procedural Agent Animation and Generation Tools

The core tools of CrowdMaster are based around a procedural agent animation and generation node system. The result is a faster, unified workflow from start to finish, making the user more efficient.

The system works in a generative way, with each node building on the one that came before it. The data for each agent is passed through the node setup until it hits the end of the line and is acted upon.

Helper Utilities for Many Common Tasks

CrowdMaster includes many different helper utilities which aid the user in setting up and running a simulation.

These include tools to:

  • Speed up the workflow and simulation speeds
  • Link and manage assets
  • Optomize geometry and animation

Some utilities such as the Defer Geometry tool help a user gain upwards of a 90% speedup for certain simulations.

Open Source

CrowdMaster is released under the GPL 3.0 open source license.

This means that you have the freedom to:

  • Use the software for any purpose
  • Change the software to suit your needs
  • Share the software with your friends and neighbors
  • Share the changes you make

Get CrowdMaster

We are always making CrowdMaster better. Many new features are added in every release as well as many fixes and changes which make CrowdMaster faster and more reliable than ever before.

Latest Version v1.3.1 Latest Development Version View On Github

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