I'm John Roper

Developer and Project Manager

I'm a Programmer

  • Name: John Roper
  • Job: Developer and Project Manager
  • Residence: United States
  • Hometown: Boston MA

I have worked with computer graphics for 5+ years and I have been working with code for just a bit longer. Currently I work for Theory Studios as a workflow technical director on productions such as Amazon's Man In the High Castle Season 2 (Nominated for an Emmy) and Sesame Street in addition to freelancing for clients such as the Cycles Material Vault and Blackheart Media. My work has been featured in multiple articles and publications. I have experience developing in Python, Rust, PHP, and HTML/CSS/JS. I have also dabbled in languages such as Go, C/C++/C#, Assembly, and BASIC.

My software experience includes Blender, Maya, Houdini, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and the Allegorithmic Substance Tools. I have also worked with PyQt, Flask, SQL (MySQL, SQLite), Electron, and Socketio among other technologies.

Additionally, I am a organist/composer and member of the American Guild of Organists (Boston chapter).

My Experience

  • Workflow Technical Director and Web/Desktop Developer

    Theory Studios 2014-Present

    Responsible for building and maintaining custom team and production management tools in addition to developing crowd simulation, color grading, and lighting software. I have also worked as a simulation and envornment artist on a few of their film and animation projects.

  • Web Development and Pipeline Engineering Intern

    Jackrabbit Design Jul 2017-Sep 2017

    Responsible for researching and developing custom network render management software and related plugins for After Effects and Cinema 4D. Also responsible for developing custom WordPress themes in HTML, SCSS, and PHP. Additionally, worked extensively on various 3D projects that required modeling, simulation, compositing, and motion graphics skills.

  • Software Developer

    Self-Employed 2012-Present

    Currently the developer and project manager of the CrowdMaster crowd simulation software for Blender 3D in addition to freelancing on many other projects.

  • Software Developer and User Service Agent

    Reynante M. Martinez - Cycles Material Vault 2016-Present

    Responsible for developing, maintaining, and supporting custom material management solutions for Blender 3D.

My Clients

My experience working with John has been nothing but stellar! He delivers quality results and lightning fast. He made the CMV add-on a reality. Without his expertise, it wouldn't have existed in the first place.

Reynante M. Martinez

Cycles Material Vault

John Roper is helping shape Theory's production toolkit through his expert design and coding skills. He is also providing guidance in modeling and simulation for our animated shows and VFX.

David Andrade

Theory Animation

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