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My name is John Roper and I am a developer and CG/VFX artist from Boston MA. I have worked with computer graphics for 5+ years and I have been working with code for just a bit longer. Currently I work for Theory Studios as a workflow technical director on productions such as Amazon's Man In the High Castle Season 2 in addition to freelancing for major clients such as the Cycles Material Vault and Blackheart Media. I have experience developing in Python, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, C/C++ and I have also dabbled in languages such as C#, Assembly, and BASIC. My work has additionally been featured in an article on the Blender Market.

Computer Programming (Python, C, C++) 44%

Web Design (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) 30%

3D Art and Simulation 26%


Clients Served


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I am an experienced Python developer, and I also develop desktop applications in C/C++, and NodeJS/Electron

Web Design

I create websites and web apps using the latest web technologies including HTML/CSS/JS and PHP

3D Art and Simulation

I have worked with 3D for 5+ years and I am an experienced user of Blender, Houdini, and the Substance tools

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    CrowdMaster Addon

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    Cycles Material Vault Addon

  • portfolio

    Victorian House

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    Beans And Peas Website

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    Grass Field

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  • portfolio

    ProSend: File Sharing Website

  • portfolio

    ColorMaster Addon

  • portfolio

    RenderJunkie Dashboard

  • portfolio

    niteD Project Management System

  • portfolio

    Documen Addon

  • portfolio

    Easy Model Compositing Addon

  • portfolio

    Hello: E-Cards Reimagined

  • portfolio

    House On A Hill

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  • portfolio


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