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My name is John Roper and I am a developer and CG/VFX artist from Boston MA. I have worked with computer graphics for 5+ years and I have been working with code for just a bit longer. Currently I work for Theory Studios as a workflow technical director on productions such as Amazon's Man In the High Castle Season 2, in addition to freelancing for major clients such as the Cycles Material Vault and Blackheart Media. I have experience developing in Python, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, C/C++ and I have also dabbled in languages such as C#, Assembly, and BASIC. My work has additionally been featured in an article on the Blender Market.

Computer Programming (Python, C, C++) 44%

Web Design (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) 30%

3D Art and Simulation 26%


Clients Served


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I am an experienced Python developer, and I also develop desktop applications in C/C++, and NodeJS/Electron

Web Design

I create websites and web apps using the latest web technologies including HTML/CSS/JS and PHP

3D Art and Simulation

I have worked with 3D for 5+ years and I am an experienced user of Blender, Houdini, and the Substance tools

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    CrowdMaster Addon

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    Cycles Material Vault Addon

  • portfolio

    Victorian House

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    Beans And Peas Website

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    Grass Field

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  • portfolio

    ProSend: File Sharing Website

  • portfolio

    ColorMaster Addon

  • portfolio

    RenderJunkie Dashboard

  • portfolio

    niteD Project Management System

  • portfolio

    Documen Addon

  • portfolio

    Easy Model Compositing Addon

  • portfolio

    Hello: E-Cards Reimagined

  • portfolio

    House On A Hill

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  • portfolio


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